There’s been a lot of Discourse lately about the impending death of theaters. HBO Max, it is argued, will strike the final blow to the fragile ecosystem of cinema chains. But how could a streaming service releasing a year’s slate of movies kill an entire industry? …

Games for Carers — Probably a Good Thing

Any time we hear stories about big companies performing an ostensibly charitable act, our first instinct is to assume that there’s either a catch or an ulterior motive.

We think this because we’re right.

The thing is, every act of charity has an ulterior motive. We help our neighbor move because we hope they’ll help us later. We set up our parents’ Wi-Fi because they helped us learn how to walk.

Or maybe we just do good to feel good about ourselves. …

COVID-19, the only thing we’re currently allowed to talk or think about, has frozen certain sectors of the entertainment industry. Theme parks, cruises, sports — they’re unable to continue until further notice. So, people who normally rely on those activities for recreation are turning to the few things they still can do from the safety of home, gaming among them.

Well-known names like Minecraft and Animal Crossing are experiencing re-awakenings as the people who grew up with them, now young adults with demands on their time, are able to return to their old favorites. …

Jasper Hutson

Amateur at everything

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